shitty microphone wizardry!


The Best Friends

The Best Friends are a phenomenal band from Bloomington, IN. Let me tell you the very true story about how their awesomeness was revealed to me. My project My Pal Dragon was getting set to play a show at Rhino’s. It was cold, It was the Friday before Halloween & there was a Guided By Voices show up the street. You see where this is going right? It was empty. About halfway through our set, no less than five people waltzed into the club, in wonderful costumes, dancing their arses off, followed by 10 more, and so on. It was The Best Friends, and they brought a party with them, that’s what they do: They bring the party!

I cant recall a time I have ever seen that happen anywhere ever before or since, but it made an impression on me. The band took the stage a little late as I recall, after some problems with a defunct keyboard. They blew my mind, and I was an instant fan. Their songs are well written, witty, whimsical and other adjectives beginning with a wubleyou. (Seussical, I know)

There songs speak for themselves. You can download them HERE!

I know there is a lack of bass and mandolin on this recording. The band has those things, the file was corrupt. :/

I cant wait for their record.


Lo-Fi Showcase


Neal is…

Neal is a bit of a genius and a bit of a weirdo. What can I say? I’m a sucker for his eclectic mix of avant-garde soundscapes and synth-pop brilliance. His songs are about, well, everything and nothing at all. He is his own, he is your own, he is our own. I’m not really sure what any of it means, but his songs are engaging live and in recordings. I caught this set on tape the very first time I saw him perform live. Download it for free HERE

In addition to this, there is also an ever growing list of his material available for sale on itunes.

Eric Ayotte (AIR-rik A-Yacht)

Eric Ayotte is a jack of all trades. In addition to be being a great songwriter he is a filmmaker and producer of the Gadabout Film Festival. His name is hard to pronounce and his music is hard to ignore. With songs ranging from autobiographical to historical, there is an unmistakable quality to his voice, lyrics and song structures. Mr. Ayotte’s live performances are nothing short of architectural craft as he takes a mailable crowd on a journey through life somehow changing their structures from within. I have recorded two sets by Eric from two different shows. The shorter set is very lo-fi and was recorded shortly after his return from a European tour with Adorno. The longer and much better quality set (recording wise) was recorded at Lo-Fi Showcase’s 1st ever Lo-Fest. I hope you enjoy them & I dare you not to tap your foot. They can be downloaded together HERE!

By the power of thunder!

Thunder Power is a band from Omaha, NE that will always hold a firm place in my heart as my first true musical love. They are my friends, brothers and sister, in fact I used to be in the band. I had heard accounts that they were undergoing some growing pains with my departure, but I am pleased to report that my phantom limb as grown back with a bionic vengeance. They are faster, better and stronger than ever. Recently Thunder Power came up to Bloomington, IN to play for a crowd of appreciative popsters, clearly, I was there and even shared a brief reunion with the band that helped me fall in love with performing. They rocked, the proof resides in these lovely mp3s. You can download them for free here

Here is a video for their new single “Home Office”


Lo-Fi Shitstorm Showcase

Andy D: Songs In The Key Of Lo-Fi

Hey Bastards!

In celebration of the utterly incredible new Andy D record “Songs In The Key Of Magic” I have decided to get off my lazy ass and bring another stellar set of hip-hop wizardry from the sultan of white denim: Andy D. This was recorded on the Tascam DP-004 at Rachael’s Cafe a while ago. Andy turned a cafe into a dancefloor in a matter of seconds. By the end of this set there were so much magic in the room that I shat myself metaphysically. I think it comes across in the recording. Download the set here, Buy the new record, dance and make babies to it.



She’s The Fastest

She’s The Fastest is the solo project of Honey & Darling’s Sara Bertuldo. This was the second time that I have had the pleasure of sitting in on one of her solo sets and they get stronger and more endearing every time I hear them. Her songs are sparse *honey-soaked gems full of guitar, lyrical wit & Casio drums. This session was recorded by Omaha’s lovely Pirate Ghost Productions and can be downloaded here. (*no pun intended) This is the first of several sessions from the night of June 11th 2010. In the coming weeks we will have offerings from Thunder Power, My Pal Dragon, Andy D & Fat Shadow.


Lo-Fi Showcase.

Dance + Glory = Dreamers Of The Ghetto

Dreamers Of The Ghetto are an amazing new band from Bloomington. There is definite sense of warm familiarity in the songs that this beautiful family trio conjure up. My first impression brought New Order to mind as a musical reference point, however, DOTG does not come off as some half-assed throw back. They are have a sense of style and composition all their own. First off, their vocal work is incredibly persice and smooth, almost reminiscent of early southern soul & gospel in places. One of the things that I love about this band is they are able to compose danceably pop-sensible music, without having to bubble-gum their vocals, lyrics and instumental melodies. DOTG’s vocals are rich, calming and nearly instrumental. As any songwriter can tell you, this is not an easy feat. I don’t know what their musical intentions are and I don’t really care. They are great… period! I can’t wait for a record to be released. This was recorded the same night as the Learner Dancer sets, regretfully, I lost power halfway through, so you will have to settle on a four track sample. You can download it here.